CFCK Business Loan Application

CFCK Business Loan Application

Business Loan Application

We offer business loans

We’ll work with you to find solutions unique to your business while assisting you to find the right financing to ensure your success.

“None of us get to where we are alone.”

Our average deal size is

Our largest investment has been

Our investment fund is valued at over

Since 1984 we’ve made $35.5M in nominal investments, and made over 710 equity, loan and guarantee deals.

Loan Application Process

Complete applications along with an original signature must be received by the application deadline.  

If you have any questions regarding the nature of the information we require to consider your small business loan request, please contact Brenda Richardson, our Business Development Coordinator.

Your application will be reviewed by Brenda. She will contact you to set up a meeting to go over your requirements and discuss the different financing products we offer.

Community Futures often works in partnership with other lenders – from commercial banks, credit unions and the BDC. The BDC has put together a helpful guide on preparing your loan application.